marți, 13 ianuarie 2015

inginer finisor - Giurgiu

Requirement of Finishing Engineer !!

Not very urgent, but by March 2015, we need to appoint him/ her.

If there is any suitable candidate looking for a job, please let me know. I can call for the interview. If there are more candidates from which I have to select, then I can come over to Iasi to take the interview.

Jayanta Sanyal

Director Production

UCO Tesatura SRL
Phone: +40/346403000
Direct: +40/346403051
GSM(RO): +40 748 11 47 62


F Engineer for Finishing Department: Finisaj
  • Will be responsible to handle the activities of one shift ( 3 shift working and the person will rotate in shifts )
  • To do the planning and / or to follow the planning of production in a shift
  • To control the activities of the operatives of the shift and to get the work done by them.
  • Candidate must have some clear idea about the textile finishing processes like de-sizing, mercerizing, thermofixation, sanforizing, fabric overdyeing, Coating etc.
  • To check all the parameters of the machine and to adjust according to the need of the product.
  • To do some chemical analysis like measuring pH of the fabric, hardness of water, to do titration to ensure the strength of a chemical etc.
  • Will be responsible for the quality of the fabric processed in his/ her shift.
  • To coordinate with maintenance department by providing information/ feedback for any machine abnormality or breakdown to get it solved.
  • To check the stock and consumption of chemicals.
  • To check and verify the parameters of the processed fabric according to the standard parameter.
  • To supervise the chemical preparation by the operatives and to supervise all other activities of the department.
  • To obey and respect the instructions of the superiors.

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