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International Sales Assistant - Gemini CAD Systems Iasi

About us:
Founded in 2004 in Iași, we are an industry-leading company defined by its drive to build state-of-the-art in-house products. We specialize in the research, development and implementation of software and hardware technologies for the processing of flexible materials, with a strong focus on computer aided design (CAD) and cutting room processes/computer aided manufacturing (CAM).
Gemini CAD Systems provides leading edge integrated solutions (software and hardware) dedicated to the garment, technical textile and leather industries. Gemini CAD Systems’ advanced technologies automate operations in the production process from product design to cutting the materials, for more than 16000 customers across 5 continents, providing reliable technical support throughout all stages.

The ideal candidate has:
• Bachelor’s degree or higher in either Economics, Textiles, Leather or Industrial Management
• Good understanding of standards and methodologies in the textile industry
• Advanced knowledge of PC usage and strong English communication skills

Brief of the job:
• You will be in our Copou office, integrated into a multidisciplinary team: sales, marketing, financial, support and development from your very first day on the job
• The Distribution Operations Manager will assist and guide you through a period of practical training, hands-on experience and expert advice

Job Description
• Provide assistance in portfolio administration to distributors (after learning about the operations required in the administration of an international distribution network)
• Communicate with international partners (after understanding how to use Gemini’s online platforms to manage the international distribution network)
• Provide assistance to distributors with regards to usage of the Gemini licensing platform or other similar requests
• Collect and compile feedback from distributors on various topics: new versions released, management platform functionality, etc.
• Generate and compile distributors’ sales activity reports from Gemini’s platforms
• Track distributors’ online communication channels with regards to promotion of Gemini products (partner websites, Facebook, Linked In, etc.)
• Online research for market studies on various themes
• Generate and provide documentation for various operations such as goods delivery to distributors/partners

We offer:
• challenging projects in an industry-leading company
• flexible work hours and competitive benefits
• periodic internal events and company parties
• professional challenges in a friendly and informal environment
• private parking spaces

If you are interested, please send your CV at hr@geminicad.com & come and meet us.

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